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Very true success stories and comments from actual clients (Used with permission)

The consultation was free, but the information and services were priceless!. - James S., West Palm Beach, FL

You helped a family member prevail over the county property tax appraiser when they took away his homestead exemption. Now, they've done the same to me! Thank goodness I found you. - C. Cantor, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Another success story! Your expertise and due diligence saved me thousands in taxes. You represented me before the Magistrate like it was your home on the chopping block. No wonder the property appraiser's investigators dislike you. You exposed their lies and deceit, and won my case right there on the spot! - Jay O., Broward County, FL

Your Value Adjustment Board appeal saved my home! You did a wonderful job in protecting me. Thanks! - J. Pearlson, Miami, FL

I will tell you that my wife and I live in Florida and we have had Florida Homestead Services help us to protect our property and they have been most helpful...A friend contacted Florida Homestead Services and was able to have a lien made unenforceable against his property. FHS is helping people by informing them what lawyers are not telling them, thus saving their property and saving them lots of money. - Mike F., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thank you for your help in the past, and for taking the time to help me to have peace of mind in my last home. You may remember our conversation, and my concerns over a law suit that ensued post filing the Declaration. You were right, and my home was not affected, as it was pointed out to my adversary that it could not be touched, and believe me, they tried every angle they could to try to dig my pockets empty. I still cannot believe how many people do not understand the importance of this, or why they need it, somehow they have the perception that a homestead tax exemption protects them. Using your service was a smart move, (just ask my attorney!) and the only reason that I ended up still having a home. - Joe T. Sarasota, FL

Thanks for all of your help! It’s been a great experience for us and we will highly recommend your service! Best Wishes, Lorrie & Glenn M., Ocala, FL

FHS got my denial of the homestead tax exemption exemption reinstated with minimal costs. Ten times less than I would be paying in yearly tax increases or attorney fees had the property appraiser not approved my homestead exemption. Thanks FHS! - Dan L., N. Lauderdale, FL


Thank you for all of the help you provided me a few months ago when I inquired about a lien placed on my property by the local town code compliance board against my mother's home in Florida.  You gave me the facts of the Homestead law and its prohibition on forced sales, as well as prohibiting the confiscation of profits in the sale of the home. You really set my mother's and my mind at ease. My appreciation! - Al J., Coconut Creek, FL

As I've said to you before, you have been the most helpful and the least expensive, and for this I am forever grateful for the knowledge you've shared with me. Thanks again for all of your help and support. - Susan J., Miami, FL

I was going through a Code Enforcement lien issue and a literal nightmare with the City of Margate. Those code enforcement 'thugs' put a lien on my house for $8,000 because of dead grass and I am totally disabled living on Social Security. Can you imagine!  Thanks FHS for helping me and removing the lien from my homestead and protecting my house from these thieves! -Gary S., Margate, FL

My credit card judgment liens were made unenforceable against my house and my home is now protected from most creditors, thanks to Florida Homestead Services and the information and services that they provided. - Jay C., W. Palm Beach, FL

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given me peace of mind... - Julie Richards, Cape Coral, FL

Very efficient and cost effective. Thanks! - Joe P., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Wow, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Thanks for helping me understand the requirements for protecting and defending my 'castle', not to mention the enormous amount of equity in my home! - Jim S., Orlando, FL

Thank you so much! You have enlightened me with your wealth of free information as to why the legal industry won't tell people about this important legal safeguard for our valuable property. If everyone knew about the law, the legal industry wouldn't be able make as much money from frivolous lawsuits by creditors and by filing defensive actions for judgments that don't amount to the worth of paper they are printed on, or by taking people's home equity for debts. - Cindy P., Fellsmere, FL

Thank you for your exceptionally fast response and services. We have been homesteaded for our property taxes since purchase in 1993 but I knew nothing of homestead asset protection laws. Thank you! - G. Preston, Marco Island, FL

Thank you! You have been my Santa Claus for the year!  - Hattie S., Tequesta, FL

I wanted to thank you again for your help on this matter. You really took a heavy burden off of me. For years, it seemed I didn't know from one week to the next if I was going to have a plan as to where to live when it was all said and done. Well, now I know...Thank you so much! - Terry W., Ft. Myers, FL

Your company has given me the knowledge to protect my family and home that a lawyer wanted $5,000 dollars for a retainer plus expenses. Your cost was less than 1/10th of that and I thank you for your honesty, integrity and help! - James B., Ocala, FL

Oh my...you've saved my home from those nasty creditors. I thought the homestead protection was automatic. Little do we all know that it is not. Thank you so much for helping me sell my home and keep my equity. - Sherri L., Daytona, FL

Thanks for helping me. I was told I could not sell my house or get title insurance on a re-finance unless I paid off the judgment lien. The title company and broker were wrong, you were right! I sold my home, and kept every penny from the proceeds of the sale. Everyone should know about your great service. - Susan L., Sebring, FL

The best protection I have found for my home equity. Thank you! - Jim C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I just wanted to Thank You for all of the information you've provided. I tried all day making calls for someone to help with this case...but it was a dead end. No one would even tell me what papers to file. Thank you for help. It's nice to know there are still good people out there. - Sal P., Tampa, FL

The attorney I talked to said they can't take your home in Florida. Boy was he wrong...I have now protected my home and my home equity. Thank you! - John C., Jacksonville, FL

Why didn't my lawyer tell me about this before I had all of this trouble? He did nothing but run up my bill. Thanks so much for the facts and help. - Gerry L., Miami, FL

Thanks for getting your legal staff and referral attorney's to help me. The cost was minimal and they did a great job. What fantastic customer service! - George L., Spring Hill, FL

I was involved in a scam you mentioned. I can't believe that someone would want to steal your business, web site and intellectual property! I am glad I found the real Florida Homestead Services instead of the scammers! - Jeff J., Hillsboro County, FL

Thanks for referring me to your attorney. He was able to help tremendously in resolving my lawsuit. - James P., Bradenton, FL.

This is great info and thank you so much. I love what you are doing to help people protect themselves. - Renee M., Jacksonville, FL

Earlier this year, FL Homestead Services helped me with information concerning the denial of my homestead application by the Gulf county tax appraiser. Mr. Sims was the person that helped me by phone and email. Without his help earlier in the summer, I seriously doubt I would even know how to begin stating my position to the Value Adjustment Board. He not only provided factual information and other sources without any charge, he supplied the inspiration I needed to boost my confidence level to begin the "fight" at all...and I won! Thank you Florida Homestead Services! - Jim L., Panama City, FL

I want to thank you for being such a great source of info, but especially for your immense support with the overwhelming emotional roller coaster I've been riding for the last 10 months. Your extensive knowledge base concerning homestead exemption plus your inexhaustible number of sources you so kindly share with anyone lucky enough to find your company are priceless gifts for those of us who are fighting for our constitutional rights. So many times I've wondered why I'm even in this war because, as time passes, the hope of succeeding in "this quest" seems almost impossible.  When this happened you seemed to sense the need for interjecting a small boost to whatever is lacking and put us back in the race. Again, thank you so much for all your help directing me through this nightmare and especially for the many efforts to keep me sane enough to keep on trying. - Paula S., Port St. Joe, FL

Thanks so much for the efficient and least costly service compared to the other guy, which was the scam you referred to. - Susan M., West Palm Beach, FL

Simply outstanding, knowledgeable, efficient, fast service, honest and inexpensive! Pam, Roy & Carol E., Tallahassee, FL

FHS handled the homestead issues with my mother's homestead estate and did so with a great deal of skill, grace and professionalism. - Don C., Pompano Beach, FL

We cannot thank you enough for helping us with our homestead denial situation and winning our case before it went before the Magistrate. You were very prompt, courteous, and professional. We would highly recommend your services to everyone that we know. I believe that angels are not things that fly but people like Mr. John Sims that make our day brighter and better. Thank you for restoring my faith in the system. Thanks a million. God Bless you and your family. - Neil J., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I will certainly keep you in mind if I or anyone I know needs help. I was very happy with the result of the Value Adjustment Board Magistrate ruling in my favor. I am very relieved! Thank you so very much for everything in addition to your constant caring and communication regarding my appeal and case. Judy W., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Florida Homestead Services really knows their 'stuff'. The county property appraiser has given me hell for years and FHS put them in their place with facts, and with tact and professionalism. - Jordan L., West Palm Beach, FL.

Thank you! Should I take the rest of the day off of work to celebrate? I am so happy you won my Value Adjustment Board appeal case. Denise D., Orlando, FL

Case resolved! Thanks to Florida Homestead Services for representing me before the Value Adjustment Board magistrate. I couldn't have done it on my own and would recommend that no one even try. Just call Florida Homestead Services. You won't be disappointed. - Frank B., Miami, FL

Thank you for helping with our initial application for the property tax exemption. Without your help, we would have certainly messed it up and been denied. - William E., N. Miami, FL

I was scared to death in the Value Adjustment Board appeal hearing. You calmed me down and made me confident that we would win, which we did! Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge along with your generous compassion for your clients. - John & Jessie G., West Palm Beach, FL

You did a fantastic job in getting my homestead property tax exemption reinstated. Thank you so much for your help! - Roger H., Margate, FL

I'm so excited! Thanks so much for your hard work in winning my property tax appeal. I will send much business your way. You were great! - Jodi G., Delray Beach, FL

We want to thank you for your professional expertise in obtaining our Florida homestead exemption. We will surely refer you to our friends and family that may need your services. - Bill & Lenore E., Aventura, FL

You were wonderful. Thank you again for all you did for me! Judith W., Pompano Beach, FL


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