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Full Service Property Management

Property Management Experience


A demonstrated leader in the property management industry, experienced in luxury, residential, commercial, art deco and historic properties with the ability to fully deliver the Board of Directors’ objectives. Ability to fully implement policies, procedures and programs adopted by the Board of Directors in accordance with the governing documents of the Association.  A solid 15+ year business, operations and property management career improving the success of the organization, reducing and controlling expenses in addition to fostering a culture of teamwork and relationship building. Dedicated to internal and external customer satisfaction, working with multi-technology vendors and businesses in rapidly developing, complex and diverse environments. A broad range of skills and abilities in business, operations, management, construction and technical areas.


*           Extensive Business Management, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Property and Facilities Maintenance and Personnel Management experience

*           Commercial, Community Association, Luxury, High Rise, Multi Family, Historic, Rental and Mixed Use properties experience

*           Represent the Board of Directors in managing the day to day affairs of the association

*           Act as liaison for the Board of Directors for information and guidance when considering policy and business decisions

*           Experience managing large and extravagant condominium properties

*           Keen knowledge of legal framework within which associations operate

*           Extensive experience in soliciting bids, negotiating contracts, and managing various and concurrent multiple contractors and vendors

*           Excellent customer service, organization and time management skills

*           Excellent written, verbal communication and Parliamentarian skills



*           Excels in developing business rules, procedures and protocols

*           Advanced ability to read, analyze, and interpret contracts, construction blueprints, technical procedures, leases, regulations and other pertinent complex documents

*           Able to prioritize, plan, and execute to meet company and clients standards and expectations

*           Excellent contract negotiation skills

*           Intimate knowledge and management of code enforcement, local zoning and landlord tenant laws

*           Thorough working knowledge of Florida Statutes 718-720, broad knowledge of principles and practices of property management and of applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations

*           Ability to implement necessary action to comply with federal, state, county or municipal authorities

*           Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, TOPS, Adobe, numerous other software programs

*           Ability to maintain all data pertaining to transfers of ownership. Maintain complete and current files and inventory on each unit and owner. Maintain association records to include roster, insurance, property inventory, security and grounds information

*           Ability to maintain the association’s website and similar functions


Human Resources

*           Management of Teams

*           Current on State and Federal Employment standards and practices

*           Delegate duties and responsibilities to staff according to their abilities and provide supervision and yearly performance reviews

*           Adhere to all federal, state and local laws related to operation of the property (such as, Fair Housing, ADA, Equal Employment Opportunity, OSHA), as well as all policies and procedures



*           Development of Security Protocols and Systems Installation

*           Management of Security Team

*           Working knowledge of electronic Security Systems

Construction and Facilities Maintenance

*           Experienced in project management, contractor management, technology, build out supervision, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems

*           Hands on experience with 10 and 40 year certification requirements

*           Knowledge of High Rise Systems, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Systems

*           Supervise and coordinate construction projects (including capital improvements), repair items, subcontractors and vendors, maintenance and janitorial staff for contract requirements, and all daily operational activities for properties

*           Negotiate vendor contracts

*           Communicate daily with tenants, residents, contractors, vendors, and maintenance and janitorial staff

*           Prepare specifications for contract work, obtain bids and present to Board with recommendation, supervise work

*           Oversee major repairs including 10/40 year certifications, building restoration, gardening, janitorial service, fire equipment, exterminating, street maintenance, pool maintenance, trash removal, laundry equipment, and utilities

*           Conduct regular inspections of the property to ensure that it is being properly maintained, free of safety concerns, and that all rules and policies are being enforced

*           Construction and engineering background including vast Project Management skills



*           Knowledge of general accounting principles, including accounts payable procedures and the process of approving and managing a budget of over $50M

*           Analysis of Financial Statements, Creation and Management of Operating Budgets, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and all financial reports

*           Prepare annual budgets for properties, monitor accounts receivables, approve accounts payables, and accounting reports

*           Maintain financial and all association records

*           Prepare payment vouchers, submit to treasurer for approval, and deliver to fiscal agent for preparation of checks. Circulate checks to Treasurer and Board members for signature, then mail checks and file accompanying documentation

*           Review monthly statement of operating expense, cash position, accounts payable and statement of reserve fund accounts submitted by Fiscal Agent, and advise Board as appropriate

*           Assist in the preparation of an annual operating budget: update backup sheets for all accounts, prepare a draft budget and meet with the Finance committee as needed

*           Review reserve funds and allocations annually

*           Assist in selecting an auditor, and cooperate with the firm chosen in the preparation of the annual audit and income tax returns

*           Distribute annual financial reports to owners



*           Provide monthly delinquency reports

*           Create and mail standard delinquency notices

*           Create legal referral packet and submit to Association’s attorney

*           Process bankruptcy correspondence and file Proof of Claim on behalf of Association

*           Receive, research, review and process foreclosures documents for subsequent conveyance and collection

*           Assess, collect and post late fees



*           Advise Board, obtain bids, and place insurance coverage’s

*           Assist in processing insurance claims; act as Board's representative in negotiating settlements



*           Attend all Board of Directors meetings. Prepare agenda and distribute copies to Board members. Draft and distribute minutes

*           Prepare and distribute monthly manager's report to the Board. Supervise preparation of monthly maintenance report and distribute to Board. Prepare and present for approval all other regular reports, such as financial, contractual, and operational reports

*           Organize, obtain approval for and execute plans necessary to conduct an annual meeting

*           Prepare and distribute meeting notices, proxies, ballots and agenda for annual membership meeting

*           Attend the meetings, take minutes, duplicate, and distribute

*           Attend monthly Finance Committee meetings, attend all Major Projects Committee meetings



*           Acquire and maintain current knowledge of state regulatory agency statutes and each client’s community’s governing documents, policies and procedures

*           Proactively identifies potential issues and puts procedures and/or routines in place to eliminate them or minimize their effects

*           Sets and adheres to the highest standards of work performance and instills them in the staff by personal follow-up to insure that the service is being delivered

*           Routinely monitors performance of contractual work to ensure compliance

*           Demonstrates a routine and effective ability to adjust to changing circumstances

*           Maintains a professional relationship with Board of Directors, Unit Owners and vendors

*           Ability to run monthly Board of Directors meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order

*           Create management reports which depict the actual condition of the building, progress of specific projects and makes clear and concise recommendations



*           Advanced customer service skills

*           Taking a property from disaster to complete organization

*           Setting up new properties and acquisitions

*           Absentee/Private Management of individual owner units

*           Owner representation on all non-legal issues

*           Management and assistance with Realtors, leasing and marketing




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