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“We use the Law as a Sword. We should also be able to use the Law as a Shield.”


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Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trade Name of Florida Homestead Services Stolen and Fraudulently Used

Fraudulent Non-Entity Violates Copyright and Intellectual Property, Masquerades as Florida Homestead Services Under a False Name and Pretenses. Florida Homestead Services, LLC, a full service company, has created several, state of the art, services for maximum asset protection to all Florida Homeowners, which have been illegally copied. The company’s original and unique service shields and protects homeowners from liens or judgments placed and attached against a Florida residence. Florida Homestead Services provides a complete proprietary yet exclusive, proven service offered first to the Florida homeowner while incorporating their services to all Florida real estate professionals, such as title companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage companies, realtors, etc. Their invaluable services provide maximum protection of assets and equity interests of real property at minimal cost and effort. They are the only official company in Florida able to provide this unique, proprietary and valuable service.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) July 31, 2006 -- The State's Consumer Affairs Division warns consumers, and Florida Homestead Services, LLC strenuously warns the public, our valued clients, customers, and service agents to be wary if you happen to find "Homestead Services of Florida's" website or get an offer in the mail concerning the filing of "homestead" by this company or any other entity. This particular entity boasts that they, "Homestead Services of Florida", are the "Official Site for Florida Homestead Protection and Exemption services and offers to provide inferior services amazingly and deceivingly similar to those of Florida Homestead Services, LLC for a very large fee.

With no valid mailing or business address, no valid or official corporate or business related filings in the State of Florida, "Homestead Services of Florida" are in fact engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, internet piracy, theft of copyright, trademark and intellectual property and has stolen the intellectual property, text, photos, names, trademarks, documents and other works of the company Florida Homestead Services, LLC, and only do business on a strictly cash basis. The company's registered and copyright documents and images, which were digitally signed and encrypted, were traced to works on their web site. Their website registration and address also shows an attempt to remain anonymous.

Individuals involved have misrepresented himself as an agent of Florida Homestead Services, LLC without authorization and have scammed many consumers in
Florida . They have been reported to have been engaged previously in the unauthorized practice of law, has taken money from unsuspecting consumers, allude to being or operate under the guise of a state or local government agency or business and not registered to perform any commerce as a valid business entity in Florida , all of which is illegal. The individuals in question were actually involved with Florida Homestead Services, LLC in 2005 then abruptly were disenfranchised after Florida Homestead Services, LLC refused to grant a relationship with the company due to severe violations of Florida Homestead Services, LLC’s strict rules, policy and procedures.

We warn you to please do not attempt to do business with this non-entity or you may find yourself in a quagmire. FHS attorney's have sent them a public notice to cease and desist and a notice of intent to file suit along with a notice of name use.



The Attorney General's Office has launched an investigation in Florida. Any person who believes he has been a victim should call the Attorney General's Fraud Hotline toll free at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM (866-966-7226)


Florida Homeowner Protection Now Stronger Than Ever with Help from a New, Exclusive Full Service Provider

Florida Homestead Services, LLC, a full service company, has created several, state of the art, services for maximum asset protection to all Florida Homeowners. The company’s unique service shields and protects homeowners from liens or judgments placed and attached against a Florida residence. They also assist in the removal of most liens or judgments currently placed against a home that normally prohibits the sale or refinancing of a Florida homeowner’s property. Florida Homestead Services provides a complete proprietary yet exclusive, proven service offered first to the Florida homeowner while incorporating their services to all Florida real estate professionals, such as title companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage companies, realtors, etc. Their invaluable services provide maximum protection of assets and equity interests of real property at minimal cost and effort.

(PRWEB) May 20, 2005 -- Fort Lauderdale, FL - Foreclosure of privately owned properties is a silent national epidemic and it has become a brutal rape of the American dream of home ownership. No homeowner should be forced to lose his, or his family’s home along with a lifetime of equity, over an unpaid bill or any other valid debt, usually amounting to only a few dollars before the lawyers inflate it with their collection fees. This is where Florida Homestead Services, LLC steps in to protect Florida homeowners from forced sale of their home and property.

Debts can be collected in many other ways that do not violate the constitutional rights of America’s homeowners. Foreclosure is like using a bulldozer to bury an ant hill. Florida Homestead Services ironically puts it best when they said that “foreclosure was the nuclear weapon in a legal enforcement arsenal and it is definitely overkill.”

Florida Homestead Services can provide strong legal protection of real property and income, and purposely provides the Florida homeowner with a shield from virtually all creditors. There is always the possibility of a financial disaster, especially in today’s litigious society which is growing at a record pace. Florida Homestead Services can help eliminate liens, void judgments and stop levy, wage garnishment and attachment. "Clients have counted on us for all their property protection service and legal income service needs for the past 10 years", states John Sims, Founder and President of Florida Homestead Services, LLC.

In 1994, after the start of writing his recently published book "How To Protect Your Home, Property and Income from Liens, Lawsuits and Claims", Mr. Sims realized the need for a professional service in Florida and because of the fast, efficient and reliable service of the staff of Florida Homestead Services, LLC, the firm expanded to provide its clients and Florida homeowners with an exclusive and unique service not available anywhere else in Florida which has been unavailable up until this time. To give an analogy, their services can be compared to what a spam or virus protection program is to a computer...maximum protection.

In addition, Florida Homestead Services also provides distribution services and agent licensing in order to provide a complete exclusive, proprietary, unique and proven service to homeowners either directly or indirectly through title companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage companies, and realtors.

Florida Homestead Services offers additional services and their specialized knowledge can protect your interest, equity, home & real property from forced sale, protect your retirement, education funds, social security, personal property, income, salary and wages. Mr. Sims and his staff at Florida Homestead Services LLC look forward to serving the needs of all Florida homeowners and Florida real estate professionals as well.

The staff of Florida Homestead Services LLC can be contacted directly at 1-866-382-5383 or by visiting the website at www.floridahomesteadservices.com

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Officials Urge Homeowner Participation in Designation of Homestead Filings

E-Business E-Wire, April 21, 1999

FORT LAUDERDALE--(E-BUSINESS E-WIRE)--April 11, 1999-- State officials in the Dept. of Revenue expressed concern today that a vast number of homeowners have not yet responded to the new, easier-to-file Designation of Homestead designed to protect their principal residences.

"We've attempted to get out the information about the existence of this Act as well as to make known the new law that allows the filing of the Designation of Homestead along with the Homestead Tax Exemption, which creates a tax break for the homeowner," one official was quoted as saying. "The whole idea behind this change was to make it easier to file, and although there are conditions that should be noted, it is still an important breakthrough."

The conditions he was referring to involve the fact that even if a homeowner files the Homestead Tax Exemption, there is still a window of anywhere from 10 months to two years after the tax filing before the Designation of Homestead takes effect.

This can be of vital importance to a homeowner who anticipates a possible problem with a creditor or has a sudden, unexpected liability thrust upon him or her and wishes to have that home protected immediately. Allowing for the natural sequence of events could mean the difference between a home being protected from creditors or the homeowner losing that home.

One way to protect one's home would be to physically file the Designation of Homestead, which would allow for the protection to take effect immediately instead of waiting for the exemption to take effect on its own. Florida Homestead Services, LLC offers this service.

A problem shared by a large number of Florida homeowners is the fact that in many instances, the time and hassle needed to accomplish this is very difficult. Often, it involves driving many miles to the County Seat. Another concern is that the forms must be filled out correctly and be legally sufficient in order for the Designation of Homestead to take effect.

One remedy strongly endorsed by the large number of Florida residents who have used it is to take advantage of the services provided by Florida Homestead Services at 954-252-9111. They will be happy to take care of whatever the homeowner may need to accomplish this instant protection in a minimum amount of time with a minimum amount of hassle.

Florida Homestead Services, a homestead recording service, offers a two-fold service. They will fill out the forms properly and present it to you ready to be filed for a nominal fee. If you would also like to have the Service do the actual filing, the cost would be included in their all inclusive fee. The company also files property tax exemption applications and defends denials of the tax exemption, handling appeals before the local value adjustment board. Many homeowners have expressed their gratitude to Florida Homestead Services and their homestead recording service division for offering this service.

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Florida Homestead Services Helps Protect Your Home

E-Biz Wire, October 26, 2006
FORT LAUDERDALE--(E-BIZ WIRE)--October 26, 2006--

We think we are untouchable. We work good jobs, pay our taxes, and we've planned our lives.

We never think too deeply that in a single harsh instant, our lives could be changed forever; physically, emotionally and financially.

We assume way too much. A car accident. The death of a family member. Divorce. Heart attack. Loss of employment. Bankruptcy.

We just don't think about these things but maybe we should.

There's No Place Like Home

The national and local daily news has us immune to the idea that there are any small tragedies. Bombings, plane crashes, war...daily we are assaulted with these grim, "larger-than-life" realities. It is only during holidays or the "fluff" section of the news that we hear about the poor family whose Christmas tree burned down, destroying the house and all of their belongings (and the wonderful community relief effort being brought about on their behalf).

We don't hear too much about the man who is out of work from a heart attack losing his home. Nobody staged a rally in his front yard. We don't usually see women and children being tossed out onto the streets. We don't think too much about the retired couple with nowhere to go. We don't even realize that WE could be next. What's worse, most of us don't have a clue as how to protect ourselves.

Florida Homestead Services Can Protect Your Home

Under the designation of homestead laws in Florida, homeowners can file for immediate protection that will legally safeguard their homes from being seized by any creditor in court proceedings. The law differs from the Homestead Tax Exemption law which only gives a twenty-five thousand dollar reduction on the assessed value of a home for property tax purposes. The designation of homestead laws do not allow creditors to sue or place a lien on homeowners' property during the time it is protected. Most creditors will seize the opportunity to place a lien on the property if the claim is not made to set apart the home from creditors.

Filing for a Designation of Homestead not only safeguards your home, but also protects you from creditors immediately and for the life of the home in which you live. Few people are aware of this law and even fewer still know how to properly file the necessary and legally sufficient documents. That's where Florida Homestead Services (they can be reached at 954-252-9111) comes in. For a nominal fee this company will file the necessary papers to protect your property from creditors, judgments and liens and they will save you the hassle of filing the document in local circuit court. The protection begins immediately after filing, and will protect your home every year thereafter.

Why Wait?

Filing or receiving the Designation of Homestead protection after the fact may not protect your home from previously filed writs or judgments. Divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, and lawsuits are never part of the "plan." The smartest thing homeowners can do for themselves is to put into effect the law that will offer you protection when you need it the most.

Why not let Florida Homestead Services help?

Remember: It isn't necessary to fall on bad times to prepare for them. Protect your home equity today.

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