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Today it isn't easy being an information, computer or legal junkie. It takes precious time and as the number of web sites and news sites continue to grow and  increase on a daily basis, how do you keep on top of everything, especially your favorite news issues or subjects, much less make time to eat, sleep and spend time with family and friends?

While most computer users still 'surf' Web sites to find and read the latest postings, more computer users have found that to be a laborious, time-consuming way to browse the world wide web. Instead, they are installing "newsreader" software that constantly plucks feeds from Web logs (blog) and news outlets and displays them through your internet connection or browser onto your monitor screen.

That, in a nutshell, is RSS (short for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication). It's a software program that lets you create a personalized news experience by building an online network of friends, experts and news sources. Minutes after a post of a new story or 'blog' entry, it arrives on your screen or in an e-mail to you as a headline or in a short summary or in its entirety. 

After a couple of hours of subscribing to your favorite feeds, your news grazing habits will be changed forever. Just as TiVo lets you watch TV more efficiently, RSS readers do the same by letting you scan your favorite 'blogs' and news sites faster by letting you pick over a wider range of material.

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Or...get our online homestead information BBS Forum RSS FEED here.

Florida Homestead Services is pleased to make RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") files of all our content available to users, to facilitate reading the 'blog news' in news aggregators.  Using a "news aggregator" [like NewsGator.com] allows you to subscribe to our RSS file and have current news delivered right into your Outlook folders or to the news aggregator itself.  For more about RSS see: http://jade.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/feed/index.php?s=more

How?  Once you have one of these aggregators installed, click on the 'Subscribe' button. It will take you to a page where you can add The Florida Homestead Services RSS feed to any of the most popular aggregators with one more click. Or you can copy the RSS Feed URL - http://fhsllc.mindsay.com/index.rdf - from the little orange XML logo next to The Florida Homestead Services RSS feed, and add it to your news aggregator program manually. This is a slightly different process for each news aggregator program, so look to the help file in it if required.

Add Headlines to Your Site:  Another thing RSS lets you do is put Florida Homestead Services headlines on your site, which update themselves automatically when the RSS feeds update at http://fhsllc.mindsay.com.

News aggregators are proliferating, for a variety of platforms and degrees of technical expertise. Some popular ones are FeedDemon (for Windows), NetNewsWire (for Mac), Amphetadesk (for Windows, Linux, or Mac), Radio (for Windows or Mac), NewsWatcher (for Windows XP), and NewzCrawler (for Windows). Pluck integrates right into IE 6.0 on Windows XP and 2000. Have fun!

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