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Homestead scams

Many tax jurisdictions give you a 'break' on your property taxes for the house that you actually live in as opposed to any rental property you might buy. This is called a homestead 'ad valorem' (which means according to value) property tax exemption. You have to file for the homestead tax exemption to get it, but it's a simple one-page form that you can download off of the Internet from your state government's website, and it's completely free. Access them HERE.

Scammers like THIS ONE or even guys like THIS ONE (Both of whom were clients of ours who have stolen our intellectual property, website information and have violated federal Copyrights, and who are NOT valid companies with state registrations) will try to get you to pay them to send you the generic and legally insufficient forms, and to file it for you or say that they are "free to get and file". We do not file forms for tax exemptions on real property, but we do help and guide you through the process and we also give alot of valuable and absolutely free information on the process HERE. 

There are other services like THIS ONE or even guys like THIS ONE who may contact you to file your homestead ad valorem tax application for you, or who may wish to file your homestead tax application for a large fee. We are the only official service in the state licensed and legally able to do business in Florida. Also, the county requires that you appear in person to file your tax application, and will not accept an application filed on your behalf. Additionally, the recording of a designation of homestead refers to the protection from forced sale contained in Article X of the Constitution of the State of Florida . A designation of homestead IS NOT an application for homestead property tax exemption. The Property Appraiser does not charge a fee to apply for homestead exemption. 

We at FHS provide consultation, continued support and more for no extra charge!


The State's Consumer Affairs Division warns consumers, and we warn our valued clients, customers, and service agents to be wary if you get an offer in the mail concerning the filing of a "homestead." This letter, sent by a company called 'State Recording Service' allegedly located in Tallahassee, Florida, offers to provide inferior services similar to those of Florida Homestead Services, LLC for a large fee. They are similar to THIS ONE or even guys like THIS ONE.

Although the service offered by this company isn't illegal, the fact that they have stolen money from unsuspecting consumers, not followed through with their promised services, elude to being a state government agency, do not follow the strict regulations set forth by us, operate under the guise of state government and are not a valid business entity, is illegal. Also, the letter sent by them is extremely misleading. The company's name "State Recording Service", and the letter's Tallahassee return address, gives the impression that the company is affiliated with the state and a government agency. Some city Value Adjustment Boards have reported that consumers who were late filing their homestead ad valorem tax exemption, have sent money to this bogus company thinking they would make their ad valorem tax filing deadline, only to discover later that not only did they not file for homestead tax exemption, they paid to file for a legally insufficient homestead protection, a filing that was not relevant to them at all. Consumers have also reported they thought that doing business with this company was the same thing as a homestead tax exemption.

We at Florida Homestead Services urge consumers to be aware by not responding to this bogus or other  letters which were unsolicited. This is unfortunate as this type of scam operation makes us at FHS and other legitimate business owners look bad and hurts all consumers. You are paying for a fraud through this company, as did
this consumer. We at Florida Homestead Services, LLC provide a service you can you can fully trust, and you can also be assured that your interests and property will be protected. We are a state sponsored business and a legitimate company authorized to do any and all lawful business in the state. For more information on this issue, consumers may contact us directly.

Also, we urge consumers that whenever receiving any strange offer through the mail, always take time to thoroughly read all the information, including the fine print, and check the source out very thoroughly. If you should have any questions regarding the legitimacy of our offers, call our Consumer Affairs Division at 866-382-5383. If you suspect consumer fraud, contact the Office of the Attorney General.


Broward County: Based on the Broward County Property Appraiser's website they state that; "An out-of-state company is encouraging people to file a 'Homestead' for a large fee. [FHS Note: The Broward property appraiser is not referring to our company, Florida Homestead Services, LLC. Our company is not 'out of state'. We are a legitimate and legal Florida based business sanctioned and registered by the State to perform any and all lawful business in the State of Florida, and we do not charge excessive or service fees for filing homestead tax exemptions as they cost nothing to file. The BCPA is referring to THIS ONE or THIS ONE not Florida Homestead Services] There is never a charge to file for homestead ad valorem tax exemption from the county recorder's office." [FHS Note: The Broward property appraiser is referring to the property tax exemption application, not the asset protection exemption, of which there is no fee to publicly record the ad valorem property tax exemption application.]


Osceola County: There are other recording services who may contact you to file your homestead ad valorem tax application for you, or who may wish to register your homestead for a fee. Osceola County requires that you appear in person, and will not accept a homestead tax application filed on your behalf. [FHS Note: The recording of a designation of homestead refers to the protection from forced sale contained in Article X of the Constitution of the State of Florida. A designation of homestead IS NOT an application for homestead property tax exemption.] The Property Appraiser does not charge a fee to apply for homestead tax exemption.


The Attorney General's Office has launched an investigation in Florida. Any person who believes he has been a victim should call the Attorney General's Fraud Hotline toll free at

1-866-9-NO-SCAM (866-966-7226)

More Scammers

After a home buyer bought his last home, he got a mailing from a "service", with an impressive downtown address. It contained an official looking form titled, "Request Form". In bold it said: 

Property Record Date: 4/30/2004
Our Records Show Filing: None

Now, right away, it seemed official, because they know the date he bought his house. But remember, that's public information and anyone can get it. Right after many people buy a home, they get a mailing from the above stated Texas based "Homestead Recording Service", with that impressive downtown address. It always contains an official-looking form titled, "Designation of Homestead Request Form". The bit about "Our Records Show Filing" is to get you to think that they're the ones who are supposed to keep track of homestead filings, but they are not. 

To look even more legitimate, the reverse side of the form was completely filled with the relevant text from the Texas Constitution and the Texas Property Code about homesteads. Scammers aren't usually in the habit of quoting the law, are they? So that seemed to add to the credibility. Also, instead of begging, like most sales letters, it does the opposite. The form said, in all caps, 'YOU MUST USE THIS FORM OR WE WILL NOT FILE YOUR HOMESTEAD.'

You're supposed to include a fee to get them to file the paperwork to file your homestead. The thing is, you can apply for the homestead tax exemption yourself for free. You can even download the required ad valorem tax exemption forms from the Internet in most counties and states. [FHS Note: Contact us here at Florida Homestead Services, LLC if you wish to file your homestead claim for asset and equity protection in Texas. We are a state sponsored business and a legitimate company authorized to do any and all lawful business in the state of Texas]


A few years ago, homeowners were receiving mailers from 'State Recording Service', with an Austin, TX return address. Consumers easily mistook these fraudulent and official looking documents as a State notification and many paid the fee for the homestead tax exemption filing. This promoter was based in Arizona but had a private mail drop at the Texas Capitol. The company was forced to alter its method of business after the Attorney General of Texas received a favorable judgment in which it claimed the company was trying to pass itself off as a government agency. 


Consumer Alert :
County Appraisal District Warns Homeowners to be Wary of Homestead Designation And Unclaimed Money Solicitations 

The appraisal district is regularly contacted by homeowners who have unnecessarily paid money to solicitors who--for a fee--offer to file “designation of homestead” and/or homestead exemption forms in Harris and other counties. 

Additionally, many homeowners complain after being misled by letters from individuals or businesses that offer to help them recover unclaimed government funds if the homeowner signs an agreement giving the solicitor half the recovered money. In the typical case of this type, the homeowner simply receives a property tax homestead exemption application form prepared by the firm doing the solicitation. 

Unfortunately, once the homeowner has agreed to pay the solicitor half the refund, he or she loses that much of any potential tax refund, and many of these firms have been quick to sue in small claims court if the unfortunate individual refuses to pay. Jim Robinson, HCAD’s chief appraiser, urges homeowners who receive these types of solicitations to be extremely careful and check with the appraisal district or an attorney before responding to the offer. 

“There is absolutely no charge for a homeowner to file his or her own homestead exemption property tax application with the appraisal district, and application forms are available both on HCAD’s website and from the district’s Information & Assistance Center at 13013 Northwest Freeway in Houston,” Robinson noted. 

The homestead exemption is the single most important tax saver available to homeowners. You are eligible if you meet these requirements: 

1. You owned and occupied your home on January 1 of the year for which application is made. 
2. Neither you nor your spouse has claimed a residence homestead exemption on any other property, regardless of where that property is located. 

A qualified property owner may apply up to one year after the date taxes for the year of application become delinquent (usually February 1). 

Homeowners who are over-65 or totally and permanently disabled (as defined by Social Security) are eligible for additional exemptions, and become eligible on the date they turn 65 or become disabled. 

In the case of solicitations offering to file a “Designation of Homestead”, this sort of form is submitted to the county clerk rather than the appraisal district, and does not qualify as a property tax homestead exemption application. This sort of designation deals only with protecting one’s homestead property in the event of a forced sale for debt. Most homeowners never need to file such a designation and, generally, should consult an attorney before doing so. For additional information about property tax homestead exemptions, contact HCAD’s Information & Assistance Division between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday-Friday. 


Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trade Name of Florida Homestead Services Stolen and Fraudulently Used

Fraudulent Non-Entity Violates Copyright and Intellectual Property, Masquerades as Florida Homestead Services Under a False Name and Pretenses. Florida Homestead Services, LLC, a full service company, has created several, state of the art, services for maximum asset protection to all Florida Homeowners, which have been illegally copied. The company’s original and unique service shields and protects homeowners from liens or judgments placed and attached against a Florida residence. Florida Homestead Services provides a complete proprietary yet exclusive, proven service offered first to the Florida homeowner while incorporating their services to all Florida real estate professionals, such as title companies, mortgage brokers, mortgage companies, realtors, etc. Their invaluable services provide maximum protection of assets and equity interests of real property at minimal cost and effort. They are the only official company in Florida able to provide this unique, proprietary and valuable service.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) July 31, 2006 -- The State's Consumer Affairs Division warns consumers, and Florida Homestead Services, LLC strenuously warns the public, our valued clients, customers, and service agents, to be wary if you happen to find "Homestead Services of Florida's" website or "HomesteadUS.com" website or get an offer in the mail concerning the filing of "homestead" by these companies or any other illegitimate entity. These particular entities boast that they, particularly "Homestead Services of Florida", are the "Official Site for Florida Homestead Protection and Exemption services and offers to provide inferior services amazingly and deceivingly similar to those of Florida Homestead Services, LLC for a very large fee.

With no valid mailing or business address, no valid or official corporate or business related filings or sanctioning in the State of Florida, "Homestead Services of Florida" and "HomesteadUS.com" are in fact engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, internet piracy, theft of copyright, trademark and intellectual property from us, and have stolen the intellectual property, text, photos, names, trademarks, documents and other works of the company Florida Homestead Services, LLC, and only do business on a strictly cash basis. The company's (Florida Homestead Services, LLC) registered and copyrighted documents and images, which were secretly digitally signed and encrypted, were traced to works on their web sites. Their website registrations and addresses also show an attempt to remain anonymous.

The individuals involved have misrepresented themselves in the past as an agent of Florida Homestead Services, LLC without authorization and have scammed many unsuspecting consumers in
Florida and elsewhere. They have been reported to have been engaged previously in the unauthorized practice of law, has taken money from unsuspecting consumers, allude to being or operate under the guise of a state or local government agency or business and are not registered to perform any commerce as a valid business entity in Florida, all of which is illegal. The individuals in question were actually involved with Florida Homestead Services, LLC in 2005 then abruptly were disenfranchised after Florida Homestead Services, LLC refused to grant them a relationship with the company due to severe violations of Florida Homestead Services, LLC’s strict rules, policy and procedures, and ethics.

We warn you to please do not attempt to do business with these non-entities, or you may find yourself in a quagmire. FHS attorney's have sent them a public notice to cease and desist and a notice of intent to file suit along with a notice of illegal name and copyrighted document use.

DO NOT do business with these above mentioned
scammers such as THIS ONE or like THIS ONE. They have threatened to sue us for posting this information, but we say "Go Right Ahead!" They do not provide continued free consultation, services, honesty, integrity and are not a legitimate state sanctioned business entity! Nor are they bonded, insured and they do not have staff attorneys who legitimize their product! They have stolen our intellectual property and have violated copyright laws by stealing our documents and website materials!



The Attorney General's Office has launched an investigation in Florida.

Any person who believes he has been a victim of these two scammers should call the Attorney General's Fraud Hotline toll free at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM (866-966-7226)


Read about Florida Homestead Services' strict policies, business ethics, rules and regulations HERE

Read about Florida Attorney General and other states' scam issues HERE


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• Notice of contest of most liens to the lien holder
• Notice of your claim to existing creditors allowing sale or refinancing within 45 days
• Cessation of forced sale against real property
• Re-filing of a new homestead claim for no charge should you move within Florida
• Declaring domicile in the State of Florida, if required
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