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florida homestead exemption act

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Florida Homestead Exemption



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Are You A First Time Florida Homeowner? We May Be Able To Save You Thousands of Dollars in Property Taxes!

Homestead Portability - If You Have Moved Within Florida, Contact Us Today!

Did You Miss The Homestead Tax Exemption or Value Adjustment Board Appeal Filing Deadline? Use FHS To File Today!

Has Your Property Tax Exemption Been Denied or Revoked? We Can Help You Get It Approved or Reinstated!

Appeal Your Denial or Revocation of Homestead Exemption and Win Your VAB Hearing With Florida Homestead Services

Sell or Refinance Your Home Now, Even With A Judgment or Lien!

Florida Homestead Act - Liens, Judgments Made Unenforceable, Protection of Equity and Forced Sale




Homestead Exemption or 'Homestead Exemption'? What's the Difference?

National Study: Foreclosure Hits All Time High Since The Great Depression, Florida Ranks 1st In The Nation

Broward County: Foreclosure Rate Is #1 In The US!

Palm Beach: Foreclosures in Palm Beach County Soar to 226 Percent, Homeowners In Trouble

National: Consumer Debt At An All Time High, Now 115% Over Income

Federal Law: New Bankruptcy Bill Makes It Tougher To File And Affects Homestead Property

Homeowners Association News: A Very Serious Threat To All Florida Homeowners Association Residents

Community News: Panhandle Homeowners Cited By Code Enforcement, Receive Storm Damage Liens

Florida Property Inspection Services Available!




Homestead Exemption Application, Revocation and Denial - Appeal Services Now Available

Florida Home Inspection Services Available!

Full Spectrum Property Management Services Now Available

Press Release: Officials Urge Homeowner Participation In Homestead Filings

Scam Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Homestead Exemption Companies and Other Consumer Fraud

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Homestead Exemption - Important Dates To Remember

How To Protect Your Home, Property and Income From Liens, Lawsuits and Claims

The History of the Florida Homestead Act

The 'Save Our Homes' Act

Real Property Taxes, Homestead 'Ad Valorem' Tax Exemption, and County Property Appraiser Information

Homestead and Exemption Definitions

Real Property Tax Calculator

Debtor's Rights in Florida


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